The Officers of the Cape Atlantic Woodturners
would like to announce the initiation of the
Woodturning Education and Skills Enhancement
Program administered by the committee of the same
name consisting of Tom Henry, and Bob Broschart

The Program involves:

Evening Woodturning classes at the Cape May
Technical School Spring and Fall semesters
Chapter Mentoring Program
CAW regular meeting Demonstrations
CAW regular meeting open turning sessions
Annual Woodturning workshop
Annual or semi annual demonstration by a well known
individual in the woodturning community

The committee hopes to fulfill the Mission Statement
(see website) of the CAW by providing the
aforementioned activities.

The Evening Woodturning classes at the Technical
school is a program that has been in existence for
some time and is directed by Tom Henry, assisted by
various members of the CAW.  To participate as a
student or instructor, see Tom Henry.
The Mentoring program is a new endeavor where
volunteer mentors will provide woodturning guidance
and assistance to CAW members in need.  These
individuals have indicated a desire to provide
mentoring and should be thanked for this volunteer
service.  Those seeking mentoring should contact the
mentor directly or do so through Ron Befferman who
directs this program, keeping in mind that the
mentors are providing this service on a voluntary
basis and their time is valuable.  Once a mentor is
contacted, arrangements can be made as to subject
matter, dates and times to meet always making an
effort to do so at the mentor's convenience.

Those indicating a desire to provide mentoring are:

Tom Henry                   (pens)
Bob Broschart              (primarily bowls but other
areas as well)
Richard Mason             (spindle turning)
William Duffield            (spindle turning)
Ron Befferman              (segmented turning and pens)

Bi-weekly turning sessions.  These sessions are new
this year.  They are held at various members shops
and provide an opportunity for members of all skill
levels to gather together and turn. Three or more
lathes are always available as well as other shop
tools and equipment. More experienced members are
present to aid and assist those in need.  Projects
vary and are chosen by participants.  Participants
take turns providing refreshments.

CAW Regular meeting Demonstration.   As with all
AAW Chapters, demonstrations have been in
existence since the chartering of the club.  We will
continue to endeavor to provide quality
demonstrations  which are interesting, enthusiastic
and further the understanding of woodturning and
related subjects at all regular monthly meetings.

CAW Regular meeting Open Turning Sessions.  It is
planned that the CAW will on occasion provide, in
lieu of a demonstration, an open turning session
where all CAW members who are also AAW members
(Liability insurance requires this)  (including those
who have made application but not yet received their
members card) will turn on one of several mini lathes
that will be on site, receiving any needed assistance
from more experienced turners who may be present.  
A mini workshop if you will.

Annual Woodturning Workshop.  The committee
hopes, with support from the membership, to provide
an annual workshop.  These workshops will most
probably be held in the spring, at the Technical
school and be led by a well-known turner/instructor.

With the support of the membership the committee
hopes to invite one or two  well known demonstrators
annually, to appear at a regular scheduled monthly
meeting or if need be on a weekend in lieu of the
usual meeting night.
Please take advantage of this program.  If you feel
that you can contribute, please make yourself known.
 If you have comments, ideas, lets hear them

Remember, all members are invited and encouraged
to participate.